Isolation Valves

Designed for automatic isolation of a pipeline if the gas pressure exceeds the critical value.
Operating conditions:
Ambient temperature from-60C to +46C.

Shut-off & Control Valves             
                 Oil & Gas


Angle Type Control Valves (Pneumatically actuated / hydraulically actuated)

Designed for automatic control of gas flow rate, manual control of gas flow and termination of gas transportation (removal of the inlet signal from the positioner).

The control valves are equipped with pneumatic of hydraulic actuators with axial or side manual overrides.

Hard -alloy erosion resistant materials, low temperature steel, high temperature steel at an ambient temperature of -60C to 45C.

Check Valves

The check valves are designed to release excessive gas pressure from the annular space, to secure the continuous operations at any negative ambient temperatures.
Operating conditions:
The valves operate in unattended automatic mode, at an ambient temperature from -55C to +35C.

Choke Valves

The choke valves are designed for manual control of a gas flow rate in forward direction and for the flow isolation in reverse direction.
Operating conditions:
The valves operate at an ambient temperature from-60C to +46C.

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