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Our company is experienced in supply of various types of equipment, used in energy sector.
We can offer a vide variety of industrial equipment from individual component parts to heavy turbine aggregates for hydropower and hydro mechanical plants.

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Hydraulic Turbines

Hydraulic turbines are designed for conversion of water head potential and motional energy into mechanical work of generator shaft rotation for power generation.

We supply hydraulic turbines of all common types:

Kaplan type

Medium flow high drop turbine; adjustable blade high-head runner with up to 12 runner blades.

Francis type

High flow low drop turbine; radial-axial hydraulic turbines, radial-axial reversible hydraulic turbines.

Pelton type

High pressure high drop turbine; horizontal pelton turbine; vertical pelton turbine.

Hydro Mechanical Equipment

Hydro mechanical equipment comprises the whole set of products  essential for providing  proper and reliable operation of water turbines and hydro power plants: inlet and bottom outlet valves, ball valves, plane gates, sector gates, pumps, motors, transmissions, trash racks and other production.

Whether you need a single component or the whole system of hydraulics products we can help you with the choice of the requested item.  Please contact us for more information.
Diagonal turbines with adjustable blades

This type of hydraulic turbines is analogous to regular adjustable blade hydraulic turbines but have more complicated structure and may be used for higher heads and operate in reversible (pump) mode.

We can also provide you with the services of cost estimating expertise of repair or replacement of existing equipment.
Hydropower Generators

We offer horizontal generators for medium and small capacity units, whose max speed can reach 1500 r/min and vertical generators for large and medium-sized units, whose max speed can reach 750 r/min.

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