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Our company is engaged in trade of oil and gas industry equipment beginning from ordinary equipment and up to special oil & gas production machinery.

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Shut-off & Control Valves

The valves carry out regulation and control of gas and liquid flow along pipelines. The parts and components of the valve are made of the materials resistant to the effect of temperature and working fluid. Read more..
Valve Control Cabinets & Panels

The Valve Control Panel includes a panel and a set of assembly parts and is designed as a stainless steel cabinet for manual, remote and automatic control of pipeline valves. You may select a composition of equipment, as well as assemblies, parts and cables for the required panel.

Valve Blocks

Valve blocks are manufactured as pre-assembled components consisting of welded pipelines and shut-off or control devices: valves, samplers, flanges and fixtures, are used in compressor plants, preliminary gas processing terminals and for other oil & gas processing facilities.
Advantages - significantly reduced period of installation.

Burner Units

The burner units provide high heat power at minimum gas consumption. Due to the simple design the burners are almost maintenance-free and simple in operation.
Gas & Air Heaters

The heaters are designed to heat various gases and their mixtures, including gas condensates with high hydrogen sulfide content.

Steam Generators

Are designed for cleaning the units of gas & oil air-cooling, blades of gas pumping compressors and other equipment, mechanisms and facilities that withstand temperature of 200C.

Main functions:
-    high - temperature steam generation
-    fuel gas cleaning from contamination
-    fuel gas flow measurement
-    automatic control of the generator operation

Well Control Panels

Well control systems and panels are used for remote, automatic and manual control of wellhead and shut-off and control equipment: open/ close of valves, emergency closure of a wing valve, sending emergency and warning signals in case of operation mode disturbances.

The panels we offer are especially suitable for operation at gas condensate fields with high content of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and in cold microclimatic conditions.  

With help of our specialists you may select a desired composition of equipment, as well as assemblies, parts, pipes and cables for the panel installation.

Gas Dehydration & Gas Cleaning Units

We offer several types of gas dehydration units, which are designed to reach the intended parameters of natural gas: pressure, volume flow, humidity, amount of mechanical impurities.

Contactless Torque Meters

Designed to measure a torque and a power of rotating shafts in machines and mechanisms: motors, vehicles, reduction gears, etc.

The units we offer may operate under severe conditions (oil operation environment, extreme temperature).

Local Control Panels

Gas Distributing Units

Heat-insulating Containers

Our global supply network makes it possible to find and supply your requested items within a short period of time.

The scope of our supply includes the following:
Please contact our specialists for more information about design features and operation conditions of  units we can also offer:

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